Atlas Copco P3500i Draagbare Generator Готово для поставки Полный сервис и обеспечение
Описание Atlas Copco - P3500i

Perfect for rental use

The iP generators, together with the previously launched P generators, provide an easy-to-operate solution for contractors seeking efficiency and reliability at the click of a switch. 

These generators sit alongside Atlas Copco’s larger portable generators, including the extensive QEP range, to offer customers a broad choice according to their power needs. 

Designed for more intensive use, with higher power levels and extended features, the QEP model is perfect for rental use or larger work sites where the power needs to be shared. The additional safety features found on the QEP R minimise the risk of damage to the generator through misuse, while the model’s on-board differential circuit breaker provides further safety assurance. The final model in the range, the QEP S, which features a noise suppression design, is ideally suited to urban environments where even lower noise levels are required for heavy construction activities.

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Номер товара Atlas Copco P3500i Draagbare Generator Марка Atlas Copco Тип P3500i

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Size LxWxH (m) 0.58 x 0.44 x 0.51 Движитель N.V.T Ширина (м) 0.44 вес (kg) 45 Высота (м) 0.51 kVA 3.3 Длина (м) 0.58

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