Magni RTH 6.46SH Roterende Verreiker Готово для поставки Полный сервис и обеспечение
Описание Magni - RTH 6.46SH

This Magni RTH 6.46SH rotary telescopic handler is compact, highly manoeuvrable and can be used in hard-to-reach places thanks to the rotary function. Suitable for transporting and moving equipment quickly and easily. The telehandler is multi-functional thanks to its strong characteristics. It has a lifting height of almost 46 meters with a lifting capacity of 6,000 kg and a reach of more than 33 meters. The RTH series is equipped with a cabin with excess pressure and air conditioning, which guarantees a safe and pleasant working climate in the cabin.


  • Lifting capacity: 6,000 kg
  • Lifting height: 45.64 m
  • Range: 33.50 m
  • Turning circle: 7.00 m
  • Rotation: continuous 360 °
  • Tensile force: 125 kN

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Номер товара Magni RTH 6.46SH Roterende Verreiker Марка Magni Тип RTH 6.46SH

Технические характеристики

Size LxWxH (m) 8.00 x 2.50 x 3.06 Движитель 4x4x4 Ширина (м) 2.50 Общ. высота (в метрах) 3.10 вес (kg) +/-30000 Высота подъема (м) 45.64 Высота (м) 3.06 Горизонтальное достижение (в метрах) (m) 33.5 Грузоподъёмность (kg) 6000 Длина (м) 8.00 Airco 1

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