Genie TZ-34/20 Zelf aangedreven Aanhanger Hoogwerker Готово для поставки Полный сервис и обеспечение
Описание Genie - TZ-34/20

The Genie TZ-34/20 is a light-weight trailer-mounted boom with an outstanding working envelope and intuitive controls. The rigid chassis has a heavy-duty base and robust outriggers, making it the best solution for large and small contractors.


  • Rigid chassis and automatic 10.5º levelling system allows the machine to be set-up in less than 40 seconds
  • Easy to transport. Can be towed behind vehicles with a 50 mm ball coupler
  • 359˚ non-continuous turntable rotation for versatile positioning
  • Extension boom with self-leveling platform for safe, precise setup
  • 200 kg capacity across the range of motion
  • Industry leading reliability with simple relay-based control system
  • and designed with serviceability in mind

Max Working Height: 12.36 m
Horizontal Reach: 5.59 m
Platform Capacity: 200 kg
Up and Over Clearance: 4.90 m
Weight: 1.438 kg

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Номер товара Genie TZ-34/20 Zelf aangedreven Aanhanger Hoogwerker Марка Genie Тип TZ-34/20

Технические характеристики

Size LxWxH (m) 5.50 x 1.45 x 1.94 Ширина (м) 1.45 Общ. высота (в метрах) 1.95 вес (kg) +/- 1440 Высота (м) 1.94 Горизонтальное достижение (в метрах) (m) 5.59 Длина (м) 5.50 Platform capacity (kg) 200 Width workspace (m) 3.59 Рабочая высота (m) 12.36

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