Niftylift HR28 4x4, Hybrid Knikgiekhoogwerker. Готово для поставки Полный сервис и обеспечение
Описание Niftylift - HR28 4x4 Hybrid

This Niftylift HR28 AWD Hybrid weighs +/- 14.650 kg and has a lifting capacity of 280 kg. The Height Rider 28 (HR28) Hybrid Four-Wheel-Drive (4x4) is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift. Combining advanced power-source technology with efficient 4x4, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and low-weight design. The HR28 Hybrid 4x4 can also operate on battery alone, making it ideal for indoor, quiet or clean applications. Diesel Re-Gen recharges the batteries without a mains power source and a fast charge is achieved whenever the machine is idle and the engine is left running. It has a working height of 28.00 meters and a horizontal range of 19.00 meters by 280 kg. This Nifty has a very low weight and very compact dimensions. 2 of these machines fit on a semi low-loader.

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Номер товара Niftylift HR28 4x4, Hybrid Knikgiekhoogwerker. Марка Niftylift Тип HR28 4x4 Hybrid

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Size LxWxH (m) 7.3 x 2.49 x 2.7 Движитель 4x4 Movable Jib Ja Cabine 2.49 Общ. высота (в метрах) 2.71 вес (kg) +/- 14650 Высота (м) 2.7 Горизонтальное достижение (в метрах) (m) 19 Длина (м) 7.3 Platform capacity (kg) 280 Рабочая высота (m) 28

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