Spierings SK597-AT4 Mobile Construction Crane Готово для поставки Полный сервис и обеспечение
Описание Spierings - SK597-AT4

The four-part jib of the SK597-AT4 provides a 48 meter radius, together with a compact vehicle length. The maximum lifting height is 27,8 meters with a jib in horizontal position, and a whopping 58.1 meters with the jib at a 45 degree upward angle. The SK597-AT4  has the very latest technology when it comes to cranes. It can lift its maximum load of 7000 kg without using the additional ballast blocks and the assembly time is also unbeatably fast 

  • Lifting capacity: 99 tm
  • Maximum load 7000 kg (up to 14,1 m)
  • Tip load 1700 kg
  • Maximum radius 48 m
  • Lifting height 27,8 m
  • Tower height 29,7 m
  • Maximum lifting height 58,1 m (jib 45° luffed)

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Номер товара Spierings SK597-AT4 Mobile Construction Crane Марка Spierings Тип SK597-AT4

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Size LxWxH (m) 15.97 x 2.75 x 3.99 Движитель 8x8x8 Ширина (м) 2.75 Общий противовес (kg) +/- 8850 вес (kg) +/- 48000 Lifting height / topped boom (m) 27.8 / 58.1 Высота (м) 3.99 Длина (м) 15.97 Maximum load (kg) 7000 Maximum Flight (m) 48 Point load (kg) 1700

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