Snorkel 3219E Elektrische Schaarhoogwerker Dostępne od zaraz Pełny serwis
Opis Snorkel - 3219E

This Snorkel 3219E electric scissor lift is 4x2 driven and equipped with non-marking tires, which means that it does not damage the surface. You can easily charge the device by connecting it to the mains. The device can drive at full height and is very easy to operate. You work up to 7.8 meters in height with these machines. The platform has a lifting capacity of 250 kg. The platform has a extendable deck of 1.2 meters, which increases the reach considerably. For inside work there are 2 people allowed, for outside work it is limited to 1 person.


Ogólna specyfikacja

Numer produktu Snorkel 3219E Elektrische Schaarhoogwerker Producent / marka Snorkel Model 3219E

Specyfikacja techniczna

Size LxWxH (m) 1.78 x 0.81 x 2.11 Napęd 4x2 Szerokość (w m) 0.81 Wysokość sklepienia 1.65 Waga (kg) +/-1600 Wysokość (w m) 1.65 Długość 1.78 Platform capacity (kg) 250 Wysokość obszaru roboczego (m) 7.8

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