RECONDITIONED Double Screen Tunnel Boring Machine, Drilling Capacity: 4320 mm, Total rated power: 1440 kW, Incl. +/-6.000m Primary Conveyor Belt And The Drive Belts, Total of 23 Containers

2010 | PHM-Id 80819 Incl. transportadvies
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Incl. benodigde documenten
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Omschrijving LOVAT - RME 167 DS

Manufacturer: Lovat
Typ: RME 167 DS
Building year: 2010
Fuel: Diesel
Serial number: 26700

Drilling capacity: 4320 mm
Max. speed/torque: 3,9 rpm
Total rated power: 1440 kW

Double shield design allowing to dig in both directions an erect segments in line at the same time

Rotating cutting head powerd by 4 water-cooled eletric motors cap. 262 kW each with a total power of 1048 kW on the cutting head

Fitted with 5 independently operating injection ports on the cutting head used for the injection of foam and bentonite

4 spokes on the cutting head for mounting cutting teaths and disc cutters

Including all documentation and well as a large number of accessories

Total machine lenght aproximately 107 meters
Total weight aproximately 234 tons

Machine workflow explanation
The primary conveyor belt and the drive belts are used to carry the cut rock (debris) from the head of cut to the accumulation system. Which is deposited in three cars used to exit the tunnel.

The main bearing is a triple-roller type with a pressurized lubrication system and a joint rotating fluid. A drill probe port through the motor plate is parallel to the axis of the tunnel.

The cutting head is pushed by a shield (primary shield); which in turn can be propelled by the secondary shield. The secondary shield is reinforced in such a way that it does not need of its propulsion cylinders to maintain its position.

The primary shield can push against the secondary shield to dig with the cutting head.

With the extraction of the primary envelope and secondary casing that does not require its propulsion cylinders. Those cylinders can be withdrawn so that the line segment rings can be erected.

Padded gripper shields extend out to reinforce the sides of the tunnel. Become a platform fixed on which the main propulsion cylinders can push against the front / head armor of cut. With the pinch bearings so busy the secondary propulsion cylinders can be withdrawn from the lined rings of the tunnel to make space and erect the next line ring.

Once the extraction with the new assembled liner ring is finished, the caliper pads do retract and the stabilizing pads of the armor in front extend to reinforce the armor in front. The secondary propulsion cylinders push against the newly assembled line ring.

The machine has worked on the sites of the San BERNARDO for 6.4 kilometers, TARVISIO for 3
kilometers and the MORBEGNO for 2.4 kilometers.

Before being reused in the Morbegno yard the
machine was reconditioned for an expense total of approximately two million euro’s. It is
therefore to be assumed that the machine can do at least another 10 km.

CE (Declaration of Conformity).

All documentation is available. As well as a large number of utilities (23 Containers)

Algemene specificaties

Referentie PHM-Id 80819 Merk LOVAT Type machine RME 167 DS Bouwjaar 2010 Serial Number 26700

Technische specificaties

Netto gewicht (kg) 234000 Vermogen in kW 1440 Vermogen in PK 1956

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