Terex CC3800-1 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Directement disponible Service et prise en charge complets
Description Terex - CC3800-1

Compact and powerful

650 tonne lifting capacity

With a lifting capacity of 650 tonnes at a radius of twelve meters and a maximum load moment of 9,152 tonne-meters, the Demag CC 3800-1 is strong enough, for example, to erect wind turbines with a hub height of up to 117 meters without the need for a Superlift system. As a result, it is an especially cost-effective choice for a broad range of assignments.

  • Boom: SH type with SH-head and 650t sheave assembly. 
  • Runner: 2.0 m / 54 ton for (for SH, SH/LH, SW). 
  • 2 x 11 sheave double hook (convertible into: 2 x 190 mton, 
  • 1 x 380 mton, 1 x 190 mton) ramshorn hook and shackle hole 
  • 54m tons 1-sheave single hook 
  • Undercarriage: Duo 1500 mm wide crawler shoes 
  • Automatic centralized lubrication 
  • Superlift Split Tray with quick coupling technology 
  • Counterweight: Upper: 205m ton / Lower Cental: 50m ton (Original Terex SL Counterweight available 285t) Terex IC-1: Electronic proportional valve pilot control integrated in stored-program control system incl. diagnostic system. 

(See Pictures for all configurations) 
Windkit Confugurations: SH+LF_1 / LH+LF_1 / LH+LF_3 / SSL+LF_1 / LSL+LF_2 / LSL+LF_3 / LSL_5 / LSL+LF_4 
Industrial Configurations: SH_1 / LH_1 / SW_1 / SSL_1 / LSL_1 / LSL_2 / SWSL_1 & SFSL_1 / LVSL_1

Spécifications générales

Numéro d'unité Terex CC3800-1 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Marque Terex Type CC3800-1

Spécifications techniques

Size LxWxH (m) 12.04 x 3.00 x 3.45 Propulsion Crawler Movable Jib Yes Largeur (m) 3.00 Poids contre total (kg) 540000 Le poids (kg) +/- 64200 Hauteur de charge (m) 192 Longueur de la volée (m) 96 Capacité de charge (kg) 650000 Longueur (m) 12.04 Longueur du mât (m) 96 Climatisation 1

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