Terex Explorer 5500

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Description Terex - Explorer 5500

This terex Explorer 5500 features a 60m-long main boom, and is equipped with a 21m folding jib. The maximum system length is 81m. The crane’s maximum load moment is 395mt, and its capacity whilst telescoping is 24.5 tonnes. However, with a carrier length of just 12.1m, a total length of 14.3m, and a width of 2.75m, the five-axle crane is amongst the most compact in its class. The Explorer 5500’s dimensions make it ideal for use inside cities and narrow construction sites. Steerable axles have also been included to provide improved manoeuvrability in tight quarters. For comfort and safety in driving operation, the machine has been fitted with a dynamic launch control function, which prevents it from rolling backwards when starting up and traversing uphill grades.

Spécifications générales

Numéro d'unité Terex Explorer 5500 Telescopic Crane Marque Terex Type Explorer 5500

Spécifications techniques

Size LxWxH (m) 14.3 x 2.75 x 3.99 Propulsion 10x6x10 Largeur (m) 2.75 Poids contre total (kg) 40000 Hauteur libre (m) 3.99 Le poids (kg) 60000 Hauteur (m) 3.99 Longueur de la volée (m) 21 Capacité de charge (kg) 130000 Longueur (m) 14.3 Longueur du mât (m) 60 Climatisation 1

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