1200 tons of lifting capacity, 202 tons of counterweight, a body of 108 tons and a mast weighing 80 tons. These are the impressive figures of the the largest mobile telescopic crane in the world: the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. This gigantic crane recently became part of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V. in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

No transport too big for Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V.

Transporting the crane from the south of Germany to the Netherlands was quite a challenge. "At Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V. it is always safety first", according to owner Gerrit Pfeifer. "The crane has a length of 20 meters, it’s 4 meters high and 3 meters wide, so transporting a mega crane like this is really a specialized job. We have therefore prepared the transport of the crane from Germany to the Netherlands very thoroughly and left nothing to chance. The crane was transported with transport guidance during the night with two combinations suitable for exceptional transport. The longest of the two combinations, the one transporting the mast of the crane, was no less than 26 meters in length. In addition, ten trucks were needed for transporting the counterweights alone. After a journey of more than 600 km we arrived safely at our premises in Groenlo at 03.30 am. We immediately started cleaning the crane and preparing the assembly. The crane has now been fully assembled and projects high above all buildings and other cranes on our premises. It’s really a beautiful sight. Our entire team has done a great job in all aspects!", a proud Gerrit Pfeifer announces.

Agile powerhouse

In recent years the crane has mainly been used for mounting huge wind turbines in Europe. The very first assignment involved installing eight wind turbines of two Megawatts with a height of 85 meters in Switzerland. The pylons had to be moved with a gross weight of 80 tons to a hook height of 113 meters. To do massive jobs like this, the machine requires only very limited space for assembly. The agility of the machine is, in addition to the enormous lifting capacity, one of the big advantages.

Beautiful images

The photos and video in this newsletter show beautiful images of the crane and the nightly transport. The crane can be inspected on the premises of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V. in Groenlo and is immediately available for sale or rental. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

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