Pfeifer Transport: Road To Expertise

Anyone who thinks that international transport of machinery is easy, is in for a big surprise ! It requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to get machinery from point “A” to point “B” quickly, cost effectively, in the same condition and above all without any custom issues.

Fortunately for our customers Pfeifer Heavy Machinery has over 20 years experience and are experts in all facets of machinery logistics. No matter what the transport method from land, sea and air, we are the best partner. If you want to get your machinery quickly, without any problems or difficulties and at the best price to a destination anywhere in the world, then ask Pfeifer Heavy Machinery today.

Our customers have trusted us for many years with their machinery transport needs. With over 3.500 transport operations by land, sea and air every year, you can certainly rely on tons of experience. We collaborate with a specialist global network of forwarders and transport experts, to help us deliver our premium service to you no matter where you are in the world.  

“in close consultation”

Mr Kevin Stöteler is our Head of Department and had this comment, “No matter how large or small the machinery we always try to find the optimal and most cost-effective transport solution for our valued customers. Working in close consultation we determine the best transport method and customize a solution to best suite the customers needs”.

“stranded at the border”

It’s not uncommon to hear of machinery being stranded at the border due to missing or incorrect documentation. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery knows how to take care and avoid such disasters. We know exactly which documents are required, such as the right Import/Export documents, the right CE certificates, correctly completed Form-M or SASO documents. We can also provide a Eur1 or a Certificate of Origin – your transport wil be in safe and expert hands.

If you would like to know more about our transportation services and the importance of a reliable partner in this field, then call now and one of our transport specialists will be delighted to look after you: 
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