Transport information

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery can help you to facilitate road, water and rail transportation. The last decades, Pfeifer Heavy Machinery gained much experience in providing transportation services for the customer on an international level. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery is able to transport the machine from door to door to every desired destination. An additional service we provide is free of charge loading, whether they are large or small machines, into trailers and containers. When needed, the mechanics of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery are skilled to dismantle the machine for loading and unloading activities. For each machine it is possible to calculate the global transportation costs. Please look at our current stock, choose your machine and you will find the transportation costs button. If you need more detailed information about transportation costs please call us or send us an e-mail for more information.

Required documents

For most of the machines Pfeifer Heavy Machinery provides all required CE, export, Certificate of Origin and EUR1 documents. Examples of the before mentioned documents you can find by downloading one of documents you will find below. 

Blasting and painting

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery offers the possibility to, according to the wishes of the customer, blast and paint a machine partly or totally in any original manufacturer- or RAL color. We can also take care of original or company lettering on a machine.

Tests & Inspection

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery offers the  possibility to deliver all the machines to you tested. Through our direct contacts with certified testing authorities in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, we are able to deliver the machines all certified. 

Maintenance and repair

The mechanics of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery ensure that all machines that arrive have a thorough check-up, before they are placed on the website of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. The repair and maintenance team also ensures that the machines are made ready for sale. All activities regarding repair and maintenance take place in the garage of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. Our team of mechanics disposes of a wide range of parts and technical resources  to take care of the desired repair work, check-ups, inspections and controls. 

Payment options

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery accepts the following payment options:

- By bank

- Cash

- Letter of Credit

If you are interested in support with financing a machine, Pfeifer Heavy Machinery can be of assistance in finding the appropriate leasing company. When you have any questions regarding this subject, you can contact us directly.

Broken machines

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery also offers the option of buying broken machines. If you are looking for a machine to repair, check out our selection.