Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V is the proud owner of their new Volvo FH16 with new Nooteboom special trailers.

Our super tight Volvo FH16 750PK 6x4 tractor has arrived. This Volvo is equipped with a FH16 Globetrotter XL cab, I-Shift 12-speed overdrive, Creeper gear, Volvo compact retarder, Driver FH16 Deluxe package, Rest & Relax 2-person Deluxe package, Media package with navigation system, Visibilty PRO package , Active Safety package with Safety First Pro Line, Volvo Dynamic Steering, Dura-Bright® aluminum rims and I-ParkCool.

We also received our beautiful Nooteboom special trailers. Besides a new 3-axle power steered semi lowloader from the Nooteboom Smart program, we also collected our biggest transport combination: a  4-axle Pendel-X EURO lowloader with extendible spine floor and 2-axle Interdolly.

If you want to get your machinery quickly, without any problems or difficulties and at the best price to a destination anywhere in the world, then ask Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V today!
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