Helaf 63 Ampère

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Description Helaf - 63 Ampère

All our distribution boxes are waterproof and suitable for outdoor installation. Would you like to know which distribution box is useful for your project? Then contact our specialists and let us advise you.

HELAF Multi distribution box M 33953

Input: CEE device plug 5-pin 63 Amp.

Main switch 4-pole 63 Amp.
- 1 earth leakage switch 4-p. 63 Amp 0.03 Amp
    3 machines 3-p + N 32 Amp. C-cart.

    3 CEE add-on sockets 5-pole 32 Amp.
- 3 earth leakage circuit breakers 1-p + N 16 Amp. 0.03 Amp. C-kar.
    6 flush-mounted sockets 2-pole + earthed 16 Amp.

Frame 600mm

General specifications

Item Number VDK63E Verdeelkast Manufacturer Helaf Model 63 Ampère

Technical specifications

Weight (kg) +/- 24 Loopable Nee Ampere 63

General conditions

(*Rates and technical specifications are subject to misprints and / or changes to the product range)

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