Adriaan Aagten: Marketing/ Sales Eastern-Europe
Mr. A. Aagten is responsible for all Marketing activities within Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. Mr. Aagten implements and analyses marketing- and sales strategies at international level. Due to his knowledge of the Polish language and culture, he specializes himself in the Eastern-European region. He considers customer loyalty as one of the most important core values of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery.

Anke Penterman: Marketing / Administration
Mrs. A.  Penterman works as a secretary within Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. In addition to supporting the marketing and sales team, Mrs. Penterman also supports in the administration regarding the buying and selling process of the machines.

Johan Houben: Marketing
Mr. J. Houben is responsible for e-marketing for Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. He takes care of the website on a daily basis, making sure the stock of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery is communicated on many internationally related websites.

Wesley Helmers: Rental / Marketing
Mr. W. Helmers has the final responsibility for the Rental Division in Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. Within this position, Mr. Helmers focuses on the implementation and analysis of marketing and rental strategies, both nationally and from a global perspective. Partly as a result of his knowledge of the rental market he is able to match supply and demand. He considers customer retention and transparency as two of the main core values that Pfeifer Rentals has to promote.

Patrick Oonk: Marketing / Accounting
Mr. P. Oonk is employed as general accounting / commercial employee. Next to his accounting activities, he supports the Marketing & Sales team of Pfeifer Heavy Machine.