The business process

As a company, we believe that it is important to inform the customer before, during and after the purchase of a particular machine. This process can best be shown as a stepwise description.

Step 1 – Transport of the machine: Pfeifer Heavy Machinery is specialized in organizing the transport with regards to heavy machinery. De purchased wheel loaders, mobile telescope lifts, excavators, scissor lifts and many other heavy machinery are being transported en delivered professionally at the premises of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery B.V. 

Step 2 – Arrival of the machine: When a machine arrives and all formal work is finished, the machine undergoes an intensive inspection by one of our professional mechanics. Next, the machines are prepared to be presented on the Internet.

Step 3 – Internet presentation: After the inspection and occasional repair of the machines, the machines are cleaned thoroughly. Then photo’s and movie illustrations are made, which will be presented on the website. We also offer the opportunity to sign in for a weekly newsletter and/or creating your own Pfeifer Heavy Machinery account. With this account you can determine your own wishes regarding the newsletter and exclusively preview the machine ‘on route’ list. 

Step 4 – Buying: When interested in purchasing one of our machines, the customer is more than welcome to view and test the machine. When buying one of the machines, the team of Pfeifer Heavy Machinery can arrange any form of transportation and the required documents for the customer. This are documents like: registration, CE Documents or Certificate of Origin. Pfeifer Heavy Machinery also offers the possibility to arrange an external inspection. We can also arrange that the bought machine is being sprayed in any color.

Step 5 – Loyalty: One of our key values is loyalty. After a purchase, customers can always contact us for questions or other machine offers. Good experiences provide opportunities for the future and with the customers approval we can continue to stay in touch by sending our weekly newsletter.

Company vision

Worldwide, we strive to create a customer oriented link between the demand and supply of machines, in which we try to maintain sustainable relationships with our buyers and suppliers.

Company mission

We offer our customers a wide range of machines at the best possible price/quality ratio, in which  providing good service is one of our most important priorities. In order to achieve this, we have a multi-functional team that is able to break through cultural barriers and make important strategic decisions on an international level.


  • To be one of the largest Dutch providers of used machinery;
  • To provide a constant and up-to-date stock of  between 800 and 1000 machines, at the best possible price/quality ratio;
  • To provide the best service in the field of technical and formal support;
  • To maintain and expand long-term sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers;
  • To generate international publicity by being actively involved in developing markets.