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  • Large in the Netherlands
  • Large offer of machinery
  • World-wide heavy machinery trader
  • Best price and service
  • Durable relationships

  • Workshop


    Thanks to experienced mechanics and a brand new workshop Pfeifer Heavy Machinery able to provide a perfect working and maintained machine.
  • Blasting and Painting

    Blasting and Painting

    See how a machine is blasted & painted at Pfeifer Heavy Machinery
  • United Kingdom Office

    United Kingdom Office

    Pfeifer Heavy Machinery have a dedicated office in the UK. If you have any questions about buying new and used machinery, then please contact Wesley Wittstock.
  • Required Documents

    Required Documents

    For most of the machines Pfeifer Heavy Machinery provides all required CE, export, Certificate of Origin and EUR1 documents.
  • History


    Pfeifer Heavy Machinery has a long tradition in purchasing and selling different kinds of construction machinery.
  • Pfeifer Service

    Pfeifer Service

    Pfeifer Heavy Machinery can help you to facilitate road, water and rail transportation.
  • Welcome


    The Pfeifer Heavy Machinery team kindly welcomes you to the new website.
  • About Pfeifer

    About Pfeifer

    As a company, we believe that it is important to inform the customer before, during and after the purchase of a particular machine.

To all used machines

Pfeifer Sales

  1. VOLVO - SD115B

    VOLVO - SD115B | 2016

    € 54,900,-

    Combination Rollers
    NEW Volvo SD115B, Also available for rent!

    PHM-Id 08944

    Contact us
  2. GROVE - GMK5110-1

    GROVE - GMK5110-1 | 2012

    € 479,000,-

    Telescopic Cranes
    110t Cap. Hydr Jib 16m, Telma, Airco Both Cabs!

    PHM-Id 09351

    Contact us

    HAULOTTE - HA32PX | 2007

    € 49,500,-

    Articulating boom lifts
    Diesel, 4x4x4 Drive, Jib, 31.8m Working Height (Rough Terrain)

    PHM-Id 09382

    Contact us
  4. GENIE - Z45/25 4WD

    Articulating boom lifts
    Diesel, 4x4 Drive, 16m Working Height, Rough Terrain.

    PHM-Id 09530

    Contact us
  5. GENIE - Z60/34 4WD

    Articulating boom lifts
    Diesel, 4x4 Drive, 20.4 m working Height, Rough terrain.

    PHM-Id 09534

    Contact us
  6. BRONTO - S46XDT

    BRONTO - S46XDT | 2005

    € 119,000,-

    Truckmounted working platforms
    46m Working Height, Airco.

    PHM-Id 09383

    Contact us
  7. LIEBHERR - MK88

    LIEBHERR - MK88 | 2011

    € 589,000,-

    Tower Cranes
    45 m Flight, 8t Cap, Plus Package, Also For Rent!

    PHM-Id 09387

    Contact us
  8. FAUN - AF 38

    FAUN - AF 38 | 2006

    € 169,000,-

    Tower Cranes
    6x6x6 Drive, 6t Cap, 38m Flight, 42.8m Lift Height.

    PHM-Id 09421

    Contact us
  9. VOLVO - A40F

    VOLVO - A40F | 2011

    € 99,500,-

    Articulated dump trucks
    6x6 Drive, 39t - 24.7 m³ Capacity, Airco.

    PHM-Id 08959

    Contact us
  10. DEMAG - AC200-1

    DEMAG - AC200-1 | 2008

    € 595,000,-

    Telescopic Cranes
    10x8x8 Drive, 200t Cap, 17m Jib, Airco In Both Cabs!

    PHM-Id 09282

    Contact us
  11. DEMAG - TC60L

    DEMAG - TC60L | 2010

    € 249,500,-

    Telescopic Cranes
    8x4x4 Drive, 44m Boom, 15m Jib, 60t Cap.

    PHM-Id 09283

    Contact us
  12. JLG - 3246ES

    JLG - 3246ES | 2012

    € 11,900,-

    Scissor lifts
    Low Hours, Electric, 11.75m Working Height.

    PHM-Id 09370

    Contact us

    Import and export of used and heavy machinery

    The Pfeifer Heavy Machinery team kindly welcomes you to the new website.
    Pfeifer Heavy Machinery is specialized in the worldwide import and export of used and heavy construction machinery, like wheel loaders, dumpers, excavators, scissor lifts, or mobile telescope lifts. Over the past 20 years, Pfeifer Heavy machinery has developed into a strong and ambitious company. With a constant stock of approximately 1000 machines, suitable machinery of the best brands is available at any moment.

    Purchase of machinery

    With our team of engineers, logistics- and administrative staff, we can support you with the complete technical, logistical and administrative process. Due to our close cooperation with financial institutions we can also offer you the facilitation of financing the purchase of the machine. 
    At Pfeifer Heavy Machinery you will find a constant stock of hundreds of wheel loaders, mobile telescope lifts, excavators, scissor lifts and many other machinery of well-known brands, in every price range. If your required model is not in stock, we can arrange this for you. Check out our stock for our current offers and contact our sales team, who can communicate with you in almost every language desired.